“Make it yours, be a pro”

With Prezi Training we would like to share our knowledge with you! By under-going our basic training all the basic knowledge about Prezi is being taught. For relatively simple presentations, you are able to manage it yourself. We also give you tips on how to present yourself, this is after all 50% of your presentation.

The next level where we would like to invite you for is the Training Pro. During this training we go a step further. At the end of the training you know how to apply 3D backgrounds, use the CSS Editor and use audio / voiceover. Very useful to support yourself with stylish Prezi’s.

Prezi training

Training Basic

Building the foundation is what we teach you during the Prezi Basic training. We teach you what Prezi exactly is and how you can deploy Prezi best. Together we go through all the buttons that we encounter in the so called “Online Editor” and then we start making your own Prezi presentation! The graphic designer can help you on the spot with graphical related questions. Once we have made a start we focus on technical aspects of Prezi.

Pay attention; – For this training prior knowledge is not required!

– We provide an extensive lunch.

Bring: laptop with mouse

Duration: 4 hours (10:00- 15:00)

Participants: up to 12 participants

Training Pro

Prezi continues to develop, we inform you during this training about the latest features. Furthermore, we discuss technical matters such as 3D backgrounds, the CSS Editor and how to animate with sound or a voice-over. Our graphic designer can support on the spot with graphic elements. During the training, you get extensive time to get started with your own Prezi. Our help is of course set and ready!

Pay attention; – Knowledge of Indesign and Photoshop is a must.

– We provide an extensive lunch.

Bring: laptop with mouse

Duur: 7 uur (10:00- 16:30)

Participants: up to 8 participants

Prezi in-company training?