“Create your own world”

Together we discuss the many possibilities which are in Prezi. We will design a presentation that totally fits the story you want to tell. And not least, a presentation that fits the style of your business. You give us all the input we need to come to a stunning end result. We eventually will translate your story from content to form, with Prezi Design where we make sure you have quite a presentation! Because a good story nonetheless deserves a good presentation, right?


Hoe gaan wij te werk?

Prezi Design

As stated before, we begin with a good conversation and a good cup of coffee. This conversation clears things up for both parties. Then we will internally hold a brainstorm session with our team and during this brainstorm we determine the objective and sharpen the message. It quickly becomes clear how the course of the presentation will be.


After the brainstorming, we know what topics or issues are important in the presentation. Then we bring structure, define visualizations and determine the message so it has a logical, inspiring and creative interpretation. In short, we create a concept.


After approval of the concept, we go back to our workspaces. This is where we fully create the presentation. We will push boundaries and create an astonishing result.

Have a project in mind?