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PowerPoint to Prezi

Prezi is the replacement of the old PowerPoint presentation. Prezi allows presenting in a dynamic way, both online and offline. If you are looking for a professional, crispy and compelling presentation that at least impress, informs and inspires your audience, Prezi it is. PowerPoint to Prezi is the solution!

So stop messing around with PowerPoint and let us convert your presentation. You send us your old PowerPoint presentation and we will convert it into a Prezi presentation. And not least, it is converted all the way to your own wishes and in the style of your business. That’s how simple PowerPoint to Prezi works.


The advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Storyline is clear
  • In line with your house style
  • Updating your old PowerPoint presentation
  • Surprise your audience
  • Always ready with the Prezi app


PowerPoint to Prezi

A motivated and persuasive presentation stands or falls with a slick looking design. In order to get there, we have developed a plan on how the best results can be achieved. We ensure that you can give your audience “the full experience”. Hence our slogan “Impress your audience.”

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